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Catching Up With Doc Tommy

Check out all of the attention that Doc Tommy’s been getting:

Bet you didn’t know that Doc Tommy has skills to co-host a radio show known for chill grooves!  Last month, Doc Tommy guest hosted on The Quiet Storm Radio Show with Lenny Green on WBLS.FM! If you’re not familiar with The Quite Storm, it was pioneered by the legendary, Vaughan Harper who created soothing vibes to wind down from the day for more than 3 decades.  The Quiet Storm is now hosted by Lenny Green, who was voted Billboard Magazine’s 1999 Air Personality of the Year Award!

Listen to Doc Tommy’s Interview with Empire Now Radio

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Doc Tommy’s Charm Lands a Video Showcase!

Here’s yet another reason to know that Doc Tommy is the right doctor! (“the most reliable online resource to find cannabis storefronts, doctors and deals”)  approached Doc Tommy to be the subject of this amazing video!

Only a doctor whose professionalism, expertise, and great patient relationships will yield such really, good karma!  (Click video for full screen or CLICK HERE for larger video view.) NOTE: You may wish to LOWER the video’s volume before playing.

New Video Testimonial

Check out our newest, video testimonial!  (Click video for full screen.) NOTE: You may wish to LOWER the video’s volume before playing.If you would like to offer a testimonial, please share here.

Jeff Cannon – Meditative Tools For Contemporary Living

Here’s your chance to be a proud supporter of Doc Tommy and his caring approach to your well-being and success with Medical Marijuana! Upload your video testimonial to our private and secure account and help other people get over the fright and plight of the stigma of MMJ! The more people who have success with MMJ, the more people who can benefit from MMJ!

The Importance of Foot Care

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Aside from the fact that sandal season is right around the corner, now is a good time to take a look at your foot care practices.  Caring for your feet is paramount because your entire body rests on them! Did you know that your feet have more than 50 bones (which is approximately one-fourth of all the bones in your body), more than 60 joints and 200 muscles, tendons, and ligaments? That’s quite a bit contained in such small packages!  Check out the reflexology chart that shows the areas of the feet that correspond to ALL parts of your body!

Foot health can be an indicator of your overall health. For example, joint stiffness could mean arthritis and swelling might indicate kidney disease, heart disease, or high blood pressure.  Improper foot care can lead to all kinds of pain and discomforts (and “dis-eases”) in your body that can torture you for a lifetime.  Far too many people don’t think about their feet until there is a problem. But a little foot care can go a long way!  Here are some tips for healthy, happy feet. Gentlemen, this is for you, too!

1) Hygiene

  • Pedicures.  Of course, a salon pedicure is ideal (invest in your own set of instruments for sanitary purposes), but you can take care of your feet at home.

Exfoliate.  There are so many, wonderful ways to attend to rough, dry skin!  Use a pumice stone (or make your own by slicing a raw potato in half, then dip it in sea salt) and similar tools to slough away uncomfortable and unsightly skin.  There are mild, chemical treatments to rid your feet of tough callouses (use with caution) and all kinds of gadgets that make quick work of the task.

  • Wash and moisturize your feet daily.  Just because you weren’t walking around barefoot doesn’t mean that your feet are clean. Natural shedding of the skin, sweat residue, sock lint, or shoe debris contribute not only to odor, but to bacteria and fungi. Be certain to wash and dry completely between toes, especially before applying a moisturizer.  Keeping your feet moisturized contributes to better circulation, more mobility in the feet (which yields better balance and spine health), and the prevention of bacteria and fungal growth.

Interesting Note:  Merits of Oiling the Body — “Ayurveda encourages appropriate oiling of the body parts. This needs to be practiced on an everyday basis.  The main reason behind this is that applying and massaging oil onto the body is believed to be a good manner of rendering nourishing and suppleness to both the muscles and the tissues of the body… There are three particular body parts that need to be oiled every single day. These are the scalp, ears, and soles of the feet.”  Read more

  • Keep your toenails trimmed and filed.  Using a toenail clippers, cut toenails right after you bathe and while they are soft.  Cut them straight across, then carefully file to round out the edges. Do not cut your cuticles; use a cuticle remover to gently push overgrown cuticles back into place.

For more expert tips, see How To Give Yourself a Spa Pedicure At HomeFoot Health Q&A’sHow to Practice Good Foot Hygiene

Easy DIY Recipes using all-natural ingredients

Stop Foot Pain recipes for Soaks & Scrubs.  This site has a lot of remedies for a variety of foot issues.

Stinky Feet Anti-Fungal Foot Spray

Cooling Foot Spray

2) Shoes

  • Wear shoes that fit and that are the right size.  Vanity aside, the size of a shoe often varies on manufacturer and design.  Our feet also get bigger and wider with time.  So, don’t be committed to wearing a size 7 if the comfortable fit of the shoe is a size 10.  Wearing improperly-fitting shoes leads to a plethora of conditions including curled “hammer toes,” bunions, painful plantar fasciitis, fungal infections that cause nails to become thick, brittle and discolored, and knee and back pain among other ills.
  • Choose shoes that have proper support, which means that the shoe will bend only at the toes (this, of course, excludes running shoes  and shoes designed for specific functions).
  • Choose shoes for your activity level.  In other words, if you’re going to be walking around all day, stilettos are not a good choice.   Ladies, choose a lower heel (1.5 inches or lower) for walking around and prolonged wear.  Avoid wearing flip-flops around town as they are designed to be worn from the shower to the bedroom and not for the whole day.  (Flip-flop related injuries are a major reason for increased podiatry visits during the summer!)  Impractical foot wear is occasionally OK if you’re not going to spend too much time wearing them or if you’re not going to be very active.

3)  Massage and Exercise.  We know the benefits of massage and exercise for total well-being. But just in case you didn’t know, foot massage benefits can include improved sex life, reduction in depression and anxiety, lowered blood pressure, alleviation of symptoms of PMS and menopause, and so much more! So, let’s get straight to the goodies:

9 Unexpected Benefits Of Foot Massage That Make You Want To Have One Now

Ayurvedic Massage For Your Feet — A Step-By-Step Guide for a Good Night’s Sleep

Revitalize Aging Feet: The Importance of Proactive Foot Care

4) Other Resources

5 Things Your Feet Are Telling You About Your Health

What Your Feet Say About Your Health Slideshow

Foot Health — The U.S. National Library of Medicine

Medical Marijuana in The News


Being an informed patient puts you in charge of your health and healing.

We encourage you to stay up-to-date with the rapidly changing policies concerning Medical Marijuana (from farming to distribution), especially with the new administration and its choices for its officers.

3,000+ Patients Certified Since Chronic Pain Added To New York Medical Marijuana Program

“The New York State Department of Health announced several milestones in the state’s Medical Marijuana program, including the certification of more than 3,350 patients since the addition of chronic pain as a qualifying condition in late March, the registration of nearly 1,000 practitioners, and the publication of a list of registered practitioners who have consented to be listed publicly…”  Read more…

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New York State To Approve PTSD To Medical Marijuana Program?

In late April, The New York State Assembly unanimously approved adding PTSD to the list of treatable conditions for MMJ.  The bill is now in the State Senate awaiting approval.

MMJ for Dysmenorrhea (Menstrual Pain)

  • Whoopi Goldberg owns a company called Whoopi & Maya that specializes in cannabis-infused products that specifically target severe menstrual cramps. “It’s not some weird roundabout way for people to get stoned,” Goldberg said.

New York: State’s Medical Marijuana Licensing Panel Found to Have Little Expertise

When New York State approved the use of medical marijuana in 2014, a panel of “experts” said to have deep backgrounds in several fields vetted the applicants to dispense the drug.  NYS has only 5 companies that were chosen by this panel to receive exclusive statewide medical marijuana licenses.  A September 2015 Freedom of Information request by The New York Times, seeking the names of the panel’s members, was delayed nine times, as the department said that it did not “maintain records” or contact information for the panel.  Finally, on May 1, 2017, the department disclosed the names of the panel’s 17 evaluators: “all state employees, most with little or no prior professional experience in medical marijuana.”  Read The New York Times full article.  Items of note:

  • The limited number of companies allowed to dispense MMJ that were chosen by this panel creates difficulties in patient access, including location and expense.
  • A law suit has been brought to prevent the granting of licenses to additional MMJ companies. “’Flooding the supply market when there is insufficient patient demand will undermine the viability of the entire program,’ the lawsuit says, adding that more dispensaries could also make it difficult for companies to raise more capital.”

Contact your legislators and voice your opinion on these issues.

California: Wine Industry Finds a Companion in a Competitor: Marijuana

With more states legalizing recreational marijuana, the liquor industry is gaining concern for its profit margins, particularly as beer sales have declined.  However, many in the the wine industry believe that marijuana and wine can coexist in harmony and see marijuana as a complement to wine rather than a competitor. It appears that a sense of connoisseurship is what brings together lovers of cannabis, wine, craft beer, and artisanal spirits. Ergo, the first Wine & Weed Symposium (a wine industry initiative) will explore possible business opportunities in California, which legalized recreational marijuana use in November.  Read more…

  • Note: You may find great interest in the personal, Medical Marijuana stories of the speakers who will be in attendance at the Weed & Wine Symposium.

red-arrow-icon Read more, see pending legislation, and make your voice heard

It is important to stay up to date with Medical Marijuana news and contact your legislators (and get on their mailing lists) to:

  • keep MMJ legal in New York State and
  • improve, reform, and preserve our access to MMJ under the NYS Medical Marijuana Laws

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