Considering Medical Marijuana

human canabinoid systemWhen considering Medical Marijuana as a treatment option, one of the most difficult things to do is bypass the stigma associated with marijuana as an illegal substance.

A popular concern is the fear of addiction and using a “psychedelic” drug.

Medical Marijuana:

  • is derived from a natural source and
  • acts on cannabinoid receptors that naturally exist in your cell membranes and which even naturally occur in breast milk!

CB1 (exists in the brain) and CB2 (found in your immune system and throughout the rest of your body) are your body’s cannabinoid receptors. So, it can be said that your body is “built for cannabinoids” which can play a healthy role in boosting your immune system; protecting your brain, nervous system and cells against disease; relieving pain and inflammation; and more.

As with any medication, personal responsibility is paramount. The same risks involved with the misuse of any medication apply, except that Medical Marijuana is carefully cultivated from a natural source. Medical Marijuana in New York State is strictly supervised and monitored in its production for the highest quality. It is your privilege to have the control of and the responsibility for the THC to CBD ratio that you determine is right for you. As always, responsible use of a controlled substance allows for us to keep our privileges and for many to benefit.

Your treatment will be a blend of the active ingredients of cannabis to yield the greatest benefits with the least amount of unwanted effects – preferably none. Because Medical Marijuana is derived from a natural, herbal source, like most herbs (and other medications), its properties can affect everyone differently. Some people may benefit from a higher THC concentration and others from a higher CBD ratio (see Understanding Dosage).

Doc Tommy O’Brien Discusses Medical Marijuana on TV


For more information, please see Understanding Dosage.

Here are intelligent tips to keep in mind about Medical Marijuana use on our Resources page.