How It Works

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FIRST: Patients must qualify for a medical marijuana prescription according to the New York State Medical Marijuana Certification Requirements which lists specific conditions (see below).  We reserve the right to refuse any patient for non-compliance .

1) Patients must be valid citizens residing in the State of New York and can readily provide an authentic form of New York State identification as a proof of residency. If in the event that a patient does not have a valid New York I.D. card, there is the potential that the state will accept a U.S. passport or another other form of photo identification that features the patient’s proof of residency on it. Examples of possible forms of identification may include a bank statement or even a utility bill.

2) Patients are required to obtain medical records or legitimate health documentation that outlines a specific medical diagnosis. A patient’s health records are an extremely important component of this process and should be transferred over to the recommending doctor’s office prior to a patient’s first visit.

3) Patients must also obtain written certification from a healthcare practitioner that is licensed to practice and recommend medical marijuana in the State of New York. Patients must also take into consideration that establishing a long-standing and bona fide relationship with the recommending physician is an essential factor in determining if alternative medicine is the right treatment option.

4)  For full approval into the New York State’s medical marijuana program, an application for a New York medical marijuana card must be filled-out and submitted to the appropriate state authority. This is the final process before the actual obtaining of the card. Once a patient has received their New York medical marijuana card or temporary authorization, they are then able to find a legitimate safe-access source.

New York State Medical Conditions That Qualify For Medical Marijuana

Gehrig's Disease)
Chronic Pain
EpilepsyHuntington's DiseaseHIV Positive
Bowel Disease
Multiple SclerosisMuscle Spasms
Muscle WastingNauseaNeuropathies
Parkinson's DiseaseSeizuresSpinal Cord Injury
PTSDOpiod Replacement

Office Procedures

New York State Marijuana Protocols requires you to:

Have an initial office visit to establish a Physician – Patient relationship.

  • Please bring with you, a letter from your PCP / Specialist’s on their letter head proving your diagnosis, most recent laboratory tests and X-ray, CT or MRI studies that support your diagnosis, if applicable.
  • At this time, if qualified, you will be registered in the New York State Marijuana Certification Program.
  • Within 2 -3 days,  New York State will mail to you a New York State Marijuana certification card valid for one year.

Dr. O’Brien will:

1 ) Conduct a routine History and Physical Exam.

2)  After confirming a qualifying serious condition, determine if the patient is likely to receive therapeutic or palliative benefit from the primary or adjunctive treatment with medical use of marijuana.

3) Consult the prescription monitoring drug program registry for the purpose of reviewing a patient’s controlled substance history.

4) Give the certification to the certified patient, and place a copy in the patient’s health care record.

Please see Certification restrictions.

Additional Office Protocols:

  • A one month follow up will be required to discuss your medication.
  • A urine toxicology screen will be performed.
  • Depending on your needs, every two to three months, a follow up with a urine toxicology screen will be required.
  • We reserve the right to cancel certificates and discharge those patients who are non-compliant.


Please see Understanding Dosage and Resources.