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Get Ready For Autumn!


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Independent business studies show that up to two-thirds of the average cost of a medical office visit is associated with paying administrative costs related to insurance coverage. By eliminating this waste, we can pass substantial savings onto our patients.

This new approach saves the patient significant cost and allows the doctor to spend more quality time with each patient.  In addition, Doc Tommy’s office has negotiated to receive special pharmacy coupons that can save our patients as much as 75% on important prescription drugs and equally significant savings on key lab tests and in-office procedures.

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Doc Tommy Presents Medical Marijuana For The Orthopedic Patient

DocTommy.comOn October 11, 2018, Doc Tommy will present for the Muscleskeletal Tumor Society during the Nurses and Allied Health Science Health Symposium at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.  The Musculoskeletal Tumor Society is a recognized authority on all aspects of orthopaedic oncology, an influential participant in policy-making for orthopaedic oncology services, and responsive to the needs of orthopaedic oncologists and their patients.

Early Preparation for Cold & Flu Season

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While you may not want to think about the cold weather yet, it’s a good idea to get a head start on the cold and flu season by getting your supplies in order.  It can be pure torture to get caught by a cold and not have what you need already on hand.  Here are a few tips to have what you need when you need it and a free, printable checklist (click image).

Prepare Your Medicine Cabinet.  Discard expired medicines and make a list what you need to replace. You may want to include a digital thermometer, decongestants, cough medicines, antihistamines, fever and pain relief medicines, cough drops and throat lozenges, and nasal spray.

Stock Up on tissues, paper towels, hand soap, and hand sanitizer.  Many sources recommend creating sanitizer stations with small bottles of hand sanitizers in each room.  See our article on Hand Sanitizer Safety.


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Be Diligent About Washing Your Hands. The Center for Disease Control gives detailed instructions for the proper way to wash your hands and the science behind the suggestions.  Definitely check it out!

Stock Your Pantry.  You know what “comfort food” means to you, but sugary and fatty foods are not the best for recuperating from a cold and flu! Make sure you have plenty of water, herbal tea, juice, soup (canned and instant). crackers, and easy to prepare and eat foods on hand.

Clean Surfaces and have household cleaners on hand.  With times ranges from seconds to a couple of days, viruses can survive on surfaces outside the human body!  Disinfect heavily touched objects like doorknobs, light switches, remote controls, and phones daily. Clean your humidifier. Clean household surfaces with disinfectants that contain “bleach, alcohol, pine oil, sodium hypochlorite, citric acid, hydrogen peroxide, or quaternary ammonium compounds”(Source: HealthGrades).  To determine if a product meets specifications for disinfectants, look for an EPA registration number on the label, which may be in the fine print.

Flu Shot. We suggest that you inform yourself about the 2017 flu vaccine as there are some people for whom the vaccine is not recommended for. Read the CDC’s Key Facts About Seasonal Flu Vaccine.  For more information about the 2017-2017 Flu Shot and its side effects, check out Flu Shot Facts & Side Effects from LiveScience.com.


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We Now Have Evidence That a Marijuana Compound Can Help People With Psychosis

August 30, 2018 – According to a new study from King’s College London (KCL), just one dose of CBD can reduce abnormal brain function in people with psychosis, a condition in which a person experiences a disconnect from reality and may see, hear, or believe things that aren’t actually real. The KCL team published its research in the journal, JAMA Psychiatry.  Read more…

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Have you seen our Resource Page? We regularly add links to information, tips, products, and more to support the MMJ community. Check out our new additions!

 For info on how to talk to people about MMJ, check out Doc Tommy’s short video and tips.

Medical Marijuana in The News


Being an informed patient puts you in charge of your health and healing.

We encourage you to stay up-to-date with the rapidly changing policies concerning Medical Marijuana (from farming to distribution), especially with the current, federal administration and its choices for its officers.

New York Is Working to Draft a Marijuana Legalization Bill.  August 2018 – The administration of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), who until recently referred to marijuana as a “gateway drug,” released a state Health Department report that says the “positive effects” of legalization “outweigh the potential negative impacts.” Governor Cuomo’s office took the first steps towards facilitating major marijuana reform, appointing a 20-person workgroup ( Comprised of health officials, law enforcement leaders, the state budget director, public policy experts, and others) to draft legislation for an adult-use, regulated, recreational cannabis industry — one focused not only on profits, but social justice, too.   Read more…

Epidiolex, First Cannabis Medicine Approved by the FDA.  In late June, the FDA approved Epidiolex (cannabidiol), an oral solution for treatment of seizures associated with two rare forms of epilepsy in patients two years of age and older. This announcement is important because:

  1. the FDA has previously approved drugs using synthetic THC as the active ingredient but Epidiolex is the first, purified drug substance derived from marijuana plants to receive approval;
  2. this is the first FDA approval for cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive ingredient in marijuana plants; and
  3. the approval of Epidiolex may afford the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) an opportunity to review the status of cannabinoids under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA).

The FDA confirmed that while it continues to support the development of medical marijuana therapies, it does so only under the existing drug approval process.  Read more…

This brings us to:

Epidiolex Will Cost $32,500 a Year.  British-based GW Pharmaceuticals, who makes the drug, said it would cost roughly $32,500 per year. That price may seem exorbitant, especially considering that a single bottle of naturally-derived CBD oil can cost as a little as $30, but GW Chief Executive Justin Gover says that the cost is in line with other brand-name epilepsy meds and was largely based on feedback from insurance companies…  Read more…

  • While the price of Epidiolex puts it far out of reach for patients without health insurance, fortunately for epilepsy patients, there are a number of avenues to other forms of CBD medicine. 30 states currently permit doctors to recommend CBD for various ailments. Despite debates on legality under federal law, many of these products are available to purchase online or in health stores across the country.

red-arrow-icon  Just in case you don’t understand how important it is to keep MMJ LEGAL and laws moving forward, here is a reason to be grateful we live in New York: Texas – Man denied liver transplant due to medical cannabis use.

red-arrow-icon RESOURCE: Check out the pending bills concerning NYS Medical Marijuana at the Marijuana Policy Project of New York.

red-arrow-icon RESOURCE: NY Congressional Scorecard is where you can check on your legislators’ stances, bills sponsored, and votes on the subject of legalizing marijuana, et al.

red-arrow-icon More Info, see pending legislation, and make your voice heard

It is important to stay up to date with Medical Marijuana news and contact your legislators (and get on their mailing lists) to:

  • keep MMJ legal in New York State and
  • improve, reform, and preserve our access to MMJ under the NYS Medical Marijuana Laws

 A Little Humor…?

Recap of Doc Tommy Happenings

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Have you read the The Daily Mail article that Doc Tommy is quoted in? This article leans towards disparaging the beneficial effects of Medical Marijuana, stating, “There is no conclusive evidence that marijuana helps with chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder, experts say.” Hmmm, just who are these experts? It’s worth reading if for nothing else but to see what Doc Tommy says.

Listen to Doc Tommy’s Interview with Empire Now Radio

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Doc Tommy’s Video Showcase!

Here’s yet another reason to know that Doc Tommy is the right doctor! Weedmaps.com (“the most reliable online resource to find cannabis storefronts, doctors and deals”) approached Doc Tommy to be the subject of this amazing video!

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