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An Ounce of Prevention…

Get Ready for Cold & Flu Season

You may not want to think about it, but it’s time to prepare for the cold and flu season by getting your supplies in order.  There’s nothing worse than getting caught by a cold and not having what you need already on hand.  Here are a few tips to have what you need when you need it.

Prepare Your Medicine Cabinet.  Discard expired medicines and make a list what you need to replace. You may want to include a digital thermometer, decongestants, cough medicines, antihistamines, fever and pain relief medicines, cough drops and throat lozenges, and nasal spray.

Stock Up on tissues, paper towels, hand soap, and hand sanitizer.  Many sources recommend creating sanitizer stations with small bottles of hand sanitizers in each room.  See our article on Hand Sanitizer Safety.

Clean Surfaces and have household cleaners on hand.  With times ranges from seconds to a couple of days, viruses can survive on surfaces outside the human body!  Disinfect heavily touched objects like doorknobs, light switches, remote controls, and phones daily. Clean your humidifier. Clean household surfaces with disinfectants that contain “bleach, alcohol, pine oil, sodium hypochlorite, citric acid, hydrogen peroxide, or quaternary ammonium compounds” (Source: HealthGrades).  To determine if a product meets specifications for disinfectants, look for an EPA registration number on the label, which may be in the fine print.


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Stock Your Pantry.  You know what “comfort food” means to you, but sugary and fatty foods are not the best for recuperating from a cold and flu! Make sure you have plenty of water, herbal tea, juice, soup (canned and instant). crackers, and easy to prepare and eat foods on hand.

Be Diligent About Washing Your Hands. The Center for Disease Control gives detailed instructions for the proper way to wash your hands and the science behind the suggestions.  Definitely check it out!

Flu Shot. We suggest that you inform yourself about the 2017 flu vaccine as there are some people for whom the vaccine is not recommended for. Read the CDC’s Key Facts About Seasonal Flu Vaccine.  For more information about the 2017-2017 Flu Shot and its side effects, check out Flu Shot Facts & Side Effects from LiveScience.com.


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Medical Marijuana in The News


Being an informed patient puts you in charge of your health and healing.

We encourage you to stay up-to-date with the rapidly changing policies concerning Medical Marijuana (from farming to distribution), especially with the new administration and its choices for its officers.

Marijuana Busts Were Up Last Year and You’re Paying Billions for It

Marijuana busts increased last year, with nearly 600,000 people being arrested on a possession charge—a staggering number that costs taxpayers billions of dollars even as the vast majority of Americans support legalization of the drug. The statistic is not only telling for those targeted by the war on drugs, it’s also costly for taxpayers who footed the bill for about 587,700 people to make their way through the criminal justice system last year.  MORE…

World Anti-Doping Agency Removes CBD from Banned Substances List

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), which governs drug testing in the Olympics and sets the standard for anti-doping guidelines in more than 600 sports leagues around the globe, released their updated list of banned substances for 2018. One entry underwent a major renovation from last year’s edition. Under the Cannabinoids section of the list, the WADA spells out that both natural and synthetic cannabinoids are strictly prohibited from being used in competition — except for CBD.  MORE…

Can Uruguay’s Historic Marijuana Experiment Succeed?

In 2013, after years of debate, Uruguay became the first country in the world to fully legalize recreational marijuana. The law was presented as a way to tackle growing drug trafficking and violence. Stringent regulations were put in place to make sure the government controls all aspects of production. Users have to register with authorities, a fingerprint is used for purchasing, and quotas are in place to prevent users from buying in excess. The United States announced they would no longer do business with companies that have links with the marijuana business. The move by US banks raises questions about the global legalization trend. US banks control vast amounts of capital and many countries are reliant on them. Some pharmacies in Uruguay were quick to say that, if their bank accounts were under threat of closure, they wouldn’t hesitate to stop selling cannabis.  MORE…

Voters Defeat Business Bans in Alaska

Three measures aimed at banning cannabis businesses were soundly defeated in Tuesday’s Alaska elections. Voters in the city of Fairbanks, the Fairbanks North Star Borough, and the Kenai Peninsula Borough each rejected measures aimed at banning cannabis businesses. If the prohibitionists had succeeded, businesses would have been shuttered, taking jobs and livelihoods with them, and adult consumers would have been cut off from legal, regulated access. But just as they have in other legalization states like Washington, Colorado, and Oregon, voters continue to support the better approach.  MORE…

Remember Charlo Greene, the reporter in Alaska who quit on air (and dropped an f-bomb) to focus on her medical marijuana business?  You won’t believe what’s happening with her…  or will you not be surprised?

Research Suggests Legal Cannabis Is Failing To Corrupt Youth

“As the Washington Post explained, government and private critics have continued to voice concern in recent years that cannabis use at a young age could lead to addiction to the plant later on, and that increased accessibility could drive such a trend. According to data from Washington and other states, however, legalization hasn’t caused a measurable change in students’ cannabis use thus far—potentially some pretty good news for advocates of its medicinal and recreational legality.”  MORE…

red-arrow-icon RESOURCE: NY Congressional Scorecard is where you can check on your legislators’ stances, bills sponsored, and votes on the subject of legalizing marijuana, et al.

red-arrow-icon  More Info, see pending legislation, and make your voice heard

It is important to stay up to date with Medical Marijuana news and contact your legislators (and get on their mailing lists) to:

  • keep MMJ legal in New York State and
  • improve, reform, and preserve our access to MMJ under the NYS Medical Marijuana Laws

Recap of Doc Tommy Happenings

Check out all of the attention that Doc Tommy’s been getting:

Doc Tommy and Jazz gave free, blood-pressure screenings at Copa Univision’s Soccer Tournament 2017 held on Randall’s Island on August 27th and 28th.   Radio personality, Coco Cabrera, got a screening on live TV!  What a wonderful way to encourage and support people in the community and to be an example of maintaining healthy habits for the younger generations!  Click HERE for the video.

The latest article that Doc Tommy is quoted in is in The Daily Mail. This article leans towards disparaging the beneficial effects of Medical Marijuana, stating, “There is no conclusive evidence that marijuana helps with chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder, experts say.”   Hmmm, just who are these experts?  It’s worth reading if for nothing else but to see what Doc Tommy says.

Bet you didn’t know that Doc Tommy has skills to co-host a radio show known for chill grooves!  Last month, Doc Tommy guest hosted on The Quiet Storm Radio Show with Lenny Green on WBLS.FM! If you’re not familiar with The Quite Storm, it was pioneered by the legendary, Vaughan Harper who created soothing vibes to wind down from the day for more than 3 decades.  The Quiet Storm is now hosted by Lenny Green, who was voted Billboard Magazine’s 1999 Air Personality of the Year Award!

Listen to Doc Tommy’s Interview with Empire Now Radio

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Doc Tommy’s Charm Lands a Video Showcase!

Here’s yet another reason to know that Doc Tommy is the right doctor! Weedmaps.com (“the most reliable online resource to find cannabis storefronts, doctors and deals”)  approached Doc Tommy to be the subject of this amazing video!

Only a doctor whose professionalism, expertise, and great patient relationships will yield such really, good karma!  (Click video for full screen or CLICK HERE for larger video view.) NOTE: You may wish to LOWER the video’s volume before playing.

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